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5 Methods to Make Money With Cooking

Do you have a special talent for cooking? Or do you just like to cook? Well in this article you will discover 5 methods of earnings related to cooking.

1- Participate in culinary challenges with “Recipay”

Recipay.com offers a unique concept, and really interesting, to earn money through your kitchen.

So, here is how this site works:

Connect to Recipay with your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Choose one of the available challenges.
Make your cooking recipe.
Pock up your winnings!
Okay, actually it’s slightly more complicated than that.

When you choose a challenge, you have 48 hours to complete it, if you do not respect this deadline your participation is canceled and the challenge is re-posted to allow a place to our member.

The challenge is to make a dish by developing a recipe from a specific food that is specified in the ad.

Beside this challenge there is a small illustration but I had no place to put both.

So, in this announcement you can see two things:

“More than 1 challenge at 10 euros”
“Challenges to 15 euros exhausted”
The challenges at 10 euros are to make a recipe from / foods specified in the ad and then post a photo of the dish once it is finished, accompanied by a description.

This description must contain information such as:

The price of your recipe, is it a cheap recipe? Moderately expensive? Very expensive?
The number of people that can feed your dish.
The ingredients used, specifying the quantity.
The time of preparation, cooking and rest.
The challenges at 15 euros are the same as those at 10 euros but this time you have to take a picture of each step of the preparation of your dish.

2- Sell services

This two-benefit earnings method:

It allows to meet people, with the many other benefits that it can bring such as friendly moments and the opportunity to expand its customer base leaving a good impression from the first service sold.
To bail out his bank account.

So, after which service to sell? Well, for example, offer to cook for small events, or big ones if you are several, or offer to make dishes, cakes … to someone who does not necessarily have the time or who is in the inability to do it yourself.

Or, offer to give classes. And yes cooking classes can interest more than one.

So to sell this kind of service you obviously need to gain visibility, to do it there are several ways such as:

Word of mouth simply.

Post ads: Super market, Doctor’s office various and varied, Daycare In short in all places that offer a lot of visibility or so a very targeted visibility as for example in doctors there may be patients who would like to have help with cooking.

Create a small showcase site.

3- Become a home salesperson or host / hostess

It is possible to become a salesperson (“advisor”) at home in many areas for free on a simple request. And the kitchen does not escape.

The principle is to sell, at home, to hosts or your contact network, mainly kitchen utensils, but I think that some can sell pastries or stuff like that … I’m not a big connoisseur on the subject.

However, I have already participated in several home sales. My mother often welcomed salespeople, we call her “hostess” and she organized the meeting by warning her friends or family members, so sometimes I participated in a gust of wind at her meetings without too much delay.

In return she won various benefits, gifts and even I believe she has already earned money, a commission on the sales of the advisor.

It’s quite fun as an activity, whether you’re there to sell or to see what’s there to buy or to be there to welcome everyone. It has the advantage of being very user-friendly.
4- Have a culinary site

And yes, if you have a talent for cooking, or it’s your passion simply, you can become a webmaster and specialized your site in this area.

The types of sites (blogs, online shops, forums) are numerous and the means of monetization too. For example, we could consider that monetization could be done:

via advertising. I know that if I had a culinary site I would probably monetize it through Google Adsense or various affiliations programs.

via the sale of a service. There we come back to what I said at the beginning, that is to say a kind of showcase site to promote its services.

via the sale of an ebook. Selling a digital book is a winning method that is widely used by many bloggers. One can easily imagine a book on the theme of cooking such as: 365 simple cooking recipes; 1001 chocolate desserts; 365 salty sweet mixes.

via the sale of kitchen utensils, local products, specialties of a country, etc.
In addition, it is becoming easier to create a blog for example. Many tools can do it simply, cheaply or even free, such as WordPress or Blogger. Good after I will not write a tutorial here but on Google you can find many useful information to create a quality site.

5- Find a job in the restoration, a job

And yes, just find a job or “extras”. The field of catering offers many possibilities.

For example, I lived in a restaurant for almost 3 years. Well I did not have any talent for cooking so the few times I worked in it was for diving or other … But there were often new employees who were there one day from time to time, who had submitted a resume and who were called when there were particularly many worlds, such as at theme nights.

Well I must admit that this method of earnings anyone could have found … But hey we had to talk about it. After all, it’s a way to make money with cooking.

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