Many Instagramers monetize their account by publishing and sharing their photos daily. Did their example motivate you to do the same?

Just as bloggers, youtubers, and anyone else who has built an audience by producing engaging content, the instagramers are doing well in terms of reach and influence; two elements that many brands struggle to master.

Today, thanks to their reach and influence, Instagram creators have the opportunity to explore multiple sources of revenue; whether it’s creating an empire or simply earning an income supplement and free gifts.

How many followers should you have?

In short, it is not essential to have a large audience to start generating income on Instagram.

Here are some factors to consider, however:

Your niche and the ease with which your content can be linked to other niches or categories of products (according to the most used hashtags, some of the most popular niches on Instagram are: fashion, food, beauty and fitness).
The level of engagement of your followers (100,000 fake followers are not worth much).
The income channels considered.

Naturally, the higher the engagement level of your audience, the more brands will be interested in your services.

While famous instoisseurs pocket thousands of dollars per publication, it is quite possible to make money with a very engaged audience with only 1,000 followers.

How to monetize your Instagram account

Depending on the type of content you create, your audience, and your level of involvement, you will be able to make money on Instagram in different ways:

By posting sponsored posts for brands that want to reach your audience.

By becoming an affiliate to earn commissions by selling products of other brands.

Selling your own physical or digital product, or offering a paid service.

By selling your photos.

It is important to note that all these revenue streams can be explored simultaneously, some not excluding the others.

Let’s start with the most common approach when it comes to monetizing your Instagram account: collaborating with brands as an influencer.

Collaboration with brands in the context of sponsored publications
The term “influencer” is used frequently today.

An influencer is essentially anyone who has been successful in developing online influence by sharing high value content. Influencers are viewed by audience members as trusted experts, trend creators and respected thought leaders in specific areas.

However, the reach and size of your Instagram account are not the only factors that interest brands; the trust your audience has in you is just as important.

As an influencer, it can be difficult to find a balance between integrity and profit. If the profit generated on Instagram is not your only source of revenue, you’ll be able to select which brands to collaborate with, just as brands carefully select the developers with whom to partner.

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